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The Pantry

Eva Szigeti unpacks the pantry, and in doing so, lets us in to the longing, beauty, and ambition that are bedfellows of every gardener and cook.   It is cold outside. The first significant snow of the season is coming down, covering the empty garden beds. I feel content in my warm, cozy living room. […]

The Christmas Ornament Incident

Camp storyteller Chuck Stead spins us a tale of holiday mishap   It was not clear just who was responsible for the destruction of Grandma Kiely’s antique tree ornaments, but I was certainly involved. Every year the half-dozen antique, glass ornaments handed down from my mother’s mother were the last things put on our tree. […]

Ed’s Corner

December 21st, this coming Wednesday, is the Winter Solstice, the first day of winter, although in times past it was also referred to as mid-winter. That term, ‘mid-winter’, is appropriate because after this day the amount of light slowly increases daily. Early groups of hunters and gatherers thought of it as the sun returning once again. Perpetual darkness – […]

Open Houses, Programs, & Camp Fairs

The full list of our ‘off-season’ happenings: Open Houses Attending an open house is the best way to learn about The Nature Place Day Camp. You’ll meet us (Ed, Scott, Daniel, Ayla, Shaina, Elaine, and others), get a tour of our camp grounds, see a narrated slide show of summer activities, and come away from […]

The Weaving Room

Eva Szigeti weaves us a story full of memory and beautiful imagery, and shows us how to weave at home, no loom needed!  Although the rhythm of the seasons is imprinted in the rhythm of our of daily lives only marginally, we perceive late fall and winter as a time for introspection, indoor activities and […]

Ed’s Corner

Thanksgiving is a time for counting our blessings, feeling gratitude for what we have, for acknowledging the gifts of our life. Perhaps this year it might feel more challenging, for many reasons – political and otherwise – to feel blessed, to feel happy. And yet, you may be happy at times and not even know it! Kurt […]

Dandelion Jerky

Wild food forager Paul Tappenden shows us what’s growing wild and edible in our area. Dandelion root is very beneficial, as a food and a medicine, but it can be a bit of a challenge to sit down to a plate of raw roots, so I’ve experimented with different ways to make them palatable. A few years back […]

Uncle Doc and the Deer Call

November back in the village of Hillburn during my boyhood was not a time for contracting workers. The independent contractors of the Ramapo Valley went off into the mountains, shotguns in hand, looking for deer; everything else was put on hold. The first few days of hunting season brought the sounds of gun shots, and then the whitetail […]

Autumn Open House – Sunday, November 20th

Our autumn open house will take place on Sunday, November 20th, between 1 and 4 pm. Families interested in learning more about The Nature Place can visit us any time during those hours for a tour of camp, a slide show of summers past, and because it’s fall, a chance to press apples into apple […]

Wild Plants with Paul

Wild food forager Paul Tappenden shows us what’s growing wild in our area. About 10 years ago, I spotted a plant that I had only previously seen in the marshes at Cape May. It was considered invasive and not desirable, yet it was such a beautiful and exotic plant. I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t want it […]