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Sheep and Wool Festival, and Camp tours, too!

Sheep and Wool Festival! When: Sunday, May 28th from 10 am to 4 pm. Where: 285 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977 The Fiber Craft Studio hosts their 7th annual, family-friendly Sheep and Wool Festival! Visitors can engage in hands-on carding, spinning, weaving, felting, knitting and plant dyeing. Featuring fuzzy, approachable sheep, goats, and bunnies; […]

Pfeiffer Center Plant Sale!

The Pfeiffer Center’s Annual Plant Sale will take place this weekend: Friday, May 19, 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday, May 20, 9:00am-5:00pm (Click here to see schedule of bonus activities offered on Saturday) Sunday, May 21, 9:00am-3:00pm This is an excellent opportunity to acquire beautiful, healthy, biodynamically raised bedding plants for your garden. For eating, you will find all your favorite […]

Summer 2016 Cookbook

If you have a hunger for more of Eva’s stories and recipes, you’ll want to check out our digital version of Eva’s cookbook from this past summer. A recipe corresponding to each of summer 2016’s weekly themes is included, as well as pictures, and plenty of kitchen magic. We can’t wait to see what kinds […]

Ed’s Corner

Ralph Waldo Emerson describes (though unintentionally) what many of us, regardless of our age, feel when at camp and in the outdoors: “Crossing a bare common, in snow puddles, at twilight, under a clouded sky, without having in my thoughts any occurrence of special good fortune, I have enjoyed a perfect exhilaration. I am glad […]

The Case for Wild Foods

Wild food forager Paul Tappenden reminds us that there is such a thing as free (not to mention healthy) lunch, and it’s growing all around us.   Anybody who has spent any amount of time researching and reading about today’s food industry, will quickly conclude that the vast majority of “foods” on the market, particularly those marketed […]

Mystery at Lake Antrim

Last month, Chuck Stead, our beloved camp storyteller, told us of his day sponging up water from the floor of Mrs. Sutherland’s basement, and the brief glimpse he caught of an old garage on her property. Read on, as the story continues…   After Uncle Mal and Slip McCloskey fixed the leak in Mrs. Sutherland’s […]

The Sun-dried Earth Meets the Fire

Our cooking instructor, Eva Szigeti, inspires us with her family’s story of building a cob rocket stove in their backyard, and includes a recipe that can be made on an outdoor stove, as well as in your kitchen. I am looking forward to the summer and the prospect of outdoor activities associated with the warmest […]

Additional Open House

We’ve set an additional date for camp tours! Sunday, May 28th. On that day we’ll be at the Fiber Craft Studio’s Sheep & Wool Festival, taking place at 285 Hungry Hollow Road, in Chestnut Ridge, NY from 10 am to 4 pm. From the festival we’ll be taking tours of camp and answering questions. Stop by […]

Happy Earth Day

This Saturday, April 22nd, is Earth Day, a day dedicated to celebrating our extraordinary planet and re-committing ourselves to being stewards of its health. At The Nature Place, we think that every day is Earth Day, but we’re happy to show our home a little extra love on this occasion. We hope that you too can give […]

Ed’s Corner

Welcome to Dr. Ed’s Office. Now, what are your symptoms again? Hard to stay still for a long period of time; feel like you’re missing out on something; you have some kind of notion that the sky is singing and is blue just for you; the scents unexpectedly brought to you on a gentle, warm breeze […]