Swim Instruction and Free Swim

Every day in camp, when not away on a day hike or overnight, campers will go down to our “pond” for a 50 minute period of swim instruction and free swim.

Over half of every swim period is devoted to instruction. Our waterfront staff of certified lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors follows the American Red Cross Progression of Swimming Skills. Most campers will receive a Red Cross ‘level card’ at the end of camp denoting the progress they have made in swimming. We pride ourselves on helping each individual camper acquire new and improved skills.

Our swim “pond” is really a pool (lined, chlorinated and filtered) and meets all the standards of the Rockland County Health Department. There is a sandy beach where campers like to build castles and tunnels. The ‘pond’ begins at zero depth and becomes gradually deeper, a great facility for teaching the beginning swimmer. There are lap lanes and a large deep water area, all clearly demarcated. Campers must pass a fairly rigorous deep water test before they are allowed into the deep end. Colored wrist bands differentiate swimmers of different abilities. We also utilize the buddy system and every ten minutes we do a buddy check. As with everything we do at The Nature Place, our approach to our swim program is gentle and encouraging.

Camp families can join the Threefold Pond as members or may come as per diem guests. It is a facility that is more green than concrete, not crowded on weekends, and is a nice socializing spot. You will find no radios, no smoking, and no alcohol, but instead find friendly, like-minded people with kids. To find out more about pond membership call Chela Crane, Pond Manager, at 917-513-8000.