Packing List

Cedar Pond

Cedar Pond is a beautiful campsite that juts out into Lake Tiorati. This is our campsite and home base for our flat-water canoe trips, and we are the only group on this pine -shaded peninsula when we are there. The lake provides opportunities for learning some of the fundamentals of canoeing as we use our own fleet of canoes, paddles and life jackets. Building skills is the most important part of the canoeing program at The Nature Place. Learning and becoming proficient at keeping a canoe steady and facing in one direction, steering, performing water rescues and a host of other paddling and water safety techniques all help to build self-confidence. When at Cedar Pond you can almost imagine yourself to be in the wilds of Maine or somewhere in the heart of Colorado. While it feels like we are miles away from civilization, Cedar Pond is actually directly adjacent to (yet hidden from) the main road that runs through Harriman Park, 7 Lakes Drive.

Camping skills are further refined here and there is time for lingering around the campfire in the evening before turning in for a good sleep in our tents under the pines, serenaded by the soft lapping of the water against the shore.

Delaware River

River canoeing, in flat (quiet) water or in white (quickly moving) water sets a whole new tone to water adventures. River canoeing skills are taught and practiced and then put into action on this beautiful body of water running between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We learn to use the strokes that are needed to turn the canoe quickly, to pack ‘dry’, how to read the river, how to upright an overturned canoe and how to watch the sky for changes in the weather. The river campsites are quiet and secluded, and there is much wildlife to be seen including bald eagles, the ever-present white-tailed deer, and even an occasional black bear!