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Maple Sugaring at Camp

Join us as we tap our maple trees and get sappy. On Saturday, March 1st, from 11 am-12:30 pm we’ll learn all about making maple syrup: tree identification, the tools we use, tapping for and then tasting sap, boiling it over an outdoor fire, and then finally tasting the golden herald of springtime – maple syrup. This event is free, fun, indoors and outdoors, and for children and adults alike. After maple sugaring you can stick around to learn more about camp at our open house, from 1-4pm.

The first drops


Outragehisss Pets

Saturday, February 1st. 11 am – Noon

Outragehisss Pets will bring us eight wild, woolly, mythical and magical animals on February 1st for our free public program. The best part is that all of these animals are real, and we can even touch them!

Our guests:
Sugar glider
blue and gold macaw
tree frog
spur thigh tortoise
nine-banded armadillo
leopard gecko
Burmese python

Stick around afterward for our open house to learn more about camp.

African Bull Frog

Arctic Fox


Winter Tales with Chuck Stead

Saturday, January 18th. 11 am – Noon

Somehow Chuck manages to get better every year. Maybe it’s his continued work with the Ramapough Lenape to clean up tons of paint sludge dumped by the Ford Motor Company that gives him even more poignant fodder for his craft. Maybe it’s his triumph, again and again, over health challenges that have felled many lesser men. Or maybe it’s simply the marination of a creative mind in time, the years adding gravity and hilarity to stories that are truer than life itself.


Join us on January 18th as our beloved Nature Place storyteller Chuck Stead spins tales of winter, wonder, and surprise. Rooted in Rockland County’s Ramapo Mountains, Chuck’s stories range from hilarious to heartbreaking, filled with detail and imagery that enrapture children and adults alike. A true master of his craft, Chuck is a force not to be missed.

Stick around afterward for our open house to learn more about camp!


Open House & Garden Party

Our next (and last!) open house is Saturday, June 1 from 1-4pm. Stop by 307 Hungry Hollow Road to take a tour, ask questions, and learn more about camp. Before our open house, from 11am-Noon, we’ll be partying in the garden! Specifically, in the Pfeiffer Garden across from 285 Hungry Hollow Road. Join The Nature Place as we plant, harvest, weed, learn, and eat! Green thumbs and thumbs yearning to be green are welcomed alike.

Garden gate


Open House

Our next open house is Sunday, May 19th, from 1-4pm. Stop by to take a tour, ask questions, and learn more about camp!