Apple Cider Pressing

Sat. September 24th, 11am-4pm

pressing cider

Join us at the Hungry Hollow Co-op for the 17th annual Farmers’ Festival. We’ll be pressing apples into fresh apple cider amidst other local farmers and vendors, live music, children’s activities, a pie contest and more.

Location: 841 Chestnut Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977

Ed’s Corner

a summer hilltop hike

Nature is telling us – as is the calendar – that it’s time to let summer go and to open ourselves to autumn. As many of you know, we at The Nature Place are 4-season advocates of getting out into nature. I always remember my mother keep reading…

Puddle peeking

The puddles left behind by fall rainstorms allow us to look at the fall foliage by looking down. Stand at the edge of a puddle, across from each other, and look in. You will, of course, see each other (make sure to wave) and the sky above. You might also see trees, falling leaves that might look like they are ‘falling up!’, clouds, birds, buildings, sun and more. Go back in the evening and look for the moon and stars. Wait until after the next rainstorm and see if your same puddle is still there. Look in – are there different ‘pictures’ inside the puddle?

puddle peeking