Renewing November

November leaf

In November the trees have lost almost all their leaves. A few still glow with yellow or red, but most are bare, leaves carpeting the earth around their trunks. As it occurs in the world outside our windows, this season can also provide clarity and simplicity for those of us looking out. Ideas, thoughts, projects and goals become stripped of the unnecessary. That which was confusing or complicated in September and October can become much easier in November, leaves settling to the ground as trunks and branches are outlined stark and plain against the sky. keep reading…

Save the Delaware River

We usually don’t get political. But when it involves the environment, and more specifically, an environment that is near and dear to us, we must. keep reading…

Have You Tried…

Watching the sunset at this time of year?

November sunsets in our experience are unusually grand, and occur early enough that there is no need to worry about your child getting to bed too late. Find a west-facing spot outdoors, dress warmly, bring some food and hot chocolate, something warm to sit on. Or if you can’t get out, look out a window towards the west. Or watch from your porch or deck. Or drive around in your car until you find a good view of the western sky. However you do it, try to get in some good west-watching!

November sun setting over the Hudson

Ed’s Corner

I always like to share the last part of a Thomas Hood poem at this time of year:

“No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds –

It’s alliteratively filled with no, no and more no’s, but this month also has plenty of yes’s.

Our bird feeder is now frequented by juncos, slate-colored birds who were keep reading…

Open House

Saturday, November 12th from 1-4pm. Stop by to look around, take a tour, view a slide show and learn more about The Nature Place!