Family Camp Canoe Weekend

Parents, have you always wanted to spend a day (and a night) at camp? Now you can! Join us on an overnight adventure for families. Learn some of the fun and fundamentals of camping and canoeing at our Cedar Pond campsite on the shores of Lake Tiorati in Harriman State Park.

Our Family Camp Canoe Weekend will be Saturday and Sunday, July 14th and 15th. We’ll arrive at Cedar Pond Saturday at Noon, and leave Sunday around the same time. Registration for this event is limited. Give us a call if you’re interested.

Wild Lawn

This might be pretty radical, depending on your neighborhood, but mark off a square foot or so section of your lawn and DON’T mow or cut it until next spring! With your child, watch what happens over time in your small piece of the planet. Please report back to us, if you want, some of the things you observe. For the lawn-less, find a local school grounds, park or ‘forgotten’ area in your neighborhood and find a patch of green that might always be missed by the mowers and do the same kind of observation over time.

wild lawn

Here’s two more activities, just for good measure:

Drop small pieces of food in various spots out-of-doors. Go back after 10 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours and see who else has discovered them.

This one might be difficult. Get yourself and your child up at 4:50am (yes, not a misprint!) and go wandering a bit in your nearby nature place. The chorus of birds will already be cranking up by 5am, so let yourselves take a walk guided by following the many bird calls. The different calls can act as ‘trail markers’ for your walk, but every once in a while sit down, maybe back against back, close eyes, and listen.

Family Hike Photos

We had a great time on our recent Family Hike! Here are a few photos:

finding squaw root

still hunting

here’s a hug, thanks tree!

peering into the Lewis family mine

Ed’s Corner

Do you remember the feeling as a child, when:

You saw the first lightning bug of the year?

Other kids liked the same weird things that you did?

You realized that you were making a new friend?

You spent your first night in a tent?

An adult smiled at you and meant it?

You discovered the weirdest bug and just couldn’t wait to tell someone about it?

And that someone cared?

It was the last day of school in June and you thought now the world is perfect, and mine, and will last forever?

You were watching a bunch of ants carrying crumbs and nothing else in the world mattered at that moment?

You hiked to the top of a mountain and knew in your bones that you were alive and part of a great big world that is pretty darn good?

We remember.


Visit Us!

We’re having an open house this coming Sunday, May 20th, from 1-4pm on our campus at the Green Meadow Waldorf School. Come say hi and learn more about The Nature Place!


Family Hike

Saturday, May 12th. 10am-3pm
Now parents can get a taste of camp too!


The Nature Place is beginning a series of events for the whole family with a day hike to the top of Stockbridge Mountain in Harriman State Park. We’ll find a cemetery, the foundation of an old cabin, a magnificent pine forest – where we’ll do still-hunting – Hippo Rock, a hiker’s shelter, a Native American rock shelter and more.

This hike would be appropriate for families with children ages 6 and up. Once you tell us you will be coming, we will email you directions on where to meet and a list of reminders, i.e. appropriate clothing and the like. This will be a hike, not a walk or stroll. Come prepared to sweat a little, to huff-and-puff a little, to have fun with your children, to experience, with your family, another world that we hope you will want to come back to and explore further.

This program is limited to 30 people. $10 per adult, $5 per child.

Visit Us!

Our next open house is this coming Saturday, May 5th from 1-4pm. Come see us to learn more about The Nature Place!

A Book Review!

Ed’s book ‘What Color is the wind?’ gets a review from Feathered Quill Book Reviews!

Spotlight Reviews
What Color is the Wind?
Reviewed by: Eloise Michael
Review Date: June 11, 2012

Author Ed Bieber describes childhood in words that read like poetry. “Children’s natural sense of wonder will lead them to smell, touch, listen to, look at, and even taste whatever they find outdoors—they seem to absorb the world through their skin, unable to take it in fast enough.” (pg. 5) He trusts in the ability of children to find their place in nature, to be happy there, and to be kind to each other while outdoors. His argument keep reading…

Weekly Themes

We need your help!

We’ve come up with 5 of our weekly themes (those funny, poignant, scene-setting gems that generate the focus of our activities, skits, songs and more), but we want YOU to tell us the theme of our 6th and last week of camp this summer!

In a week or two we’ll choose one of your suggestions and announce it as our final week of camp. Anyone who’s loved a past week’s theme or feels inspired should chime in!

For some context….announcing the first 5 weekly themes for summer 2012:

Week 1: Taking Care
Week 2: Rock, Rhythm and Roll
Week 3: What Color is the Wind?
Week 4: Ask Ed…
Week 5: Green Olympics
Week 6: _________________

Help create camp, and tell us your ideas!

one of last year’s fowl themes…