Henry’s Flower

At the beginning of the summer we sent out a few mysterious seeds to all campers soon to be attending The Nature Place. One of those seeds turned into this:

Henry’s sunflower

Thanks to Henry D (and family) for growing such a beautiful sunflower, and for sharing the results with us!

Upcoming Events

Farmer’s Festival.
Saturday, October 13th. 11am – 4pm. Hungry Hollow Co-op
841 Chestnut Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977

Celebrating the bounty of the season, the Hungry Hollow Co-op holds its annual Farmer’s Festival, with food and festivities for the whole family. The Nature Place will join the fun by pressing apples into tangy and sweet apple cider! Help us make this autumnal beverage with our wooden, hand-cranked cider press, and be sure to have a cup or three after pressing.

pressing cider

Green Meadow Fall Fair
Saturday, October 20th. 10am – 5pm. Green Meadow Waldorf School
307 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977

Join The Nature Place at Green Meadow Waldorf School‘s annual Fall Fair as we press apples to make cider! Crafts, vendors, music, food, games, and autumn activities round out this seasonal celebration. Be sure to stop by our apple cider press to help us and drink a cup of ‘fresh-pressed autumn’. Directions


Fall into Autumn.
Saturday, November 3rd. 11am – Noon.
307 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977

The Nature Place will press our last apple cider of the season, complete with apple cider donuts and an autumn nature walk. Before we taste and smell the nectar of fall (apple cider!) we’ll get to use our eyes and ears on a nature walk through crunching leaves and disrobing trees. Then, using our wooden hand-cranked cider press, we’ll turn apples into cider, and drink up some of autumn’s bounty.

Nature Place Open House.

Be sure to stick around after our Fall into Autumn public program and attend our open house to learn more about The Nature Place Day Camp.


Ed’s Corner

We saw it coming. Fall, that is. And although it won’t be officially here when this issue of The Dirt arrives, it’s clearly coming. There were hints of it toward the end of our summer camp season, delicate clues that have now turned into real evidence that summer is giving way to autumn.

Towards the end of our Farm and Garden Days program campers started to see quite a few black and orange Monarch butterflies. Now when you see them they will most likely be heading south in the annual Monarch migration to Mexico.

Monarch hiding behind a flower in the NJ botanical gardens

Flocks of birds overhead also give an indication of migration preparation. Climbing up Hook Mountain in Nyack, New York, gives an interested birder the perfect perch to watch hawks, eagles, and sometimes Monarchs soaring on the updrafts created by the ridge’s steep slopes. keep reading…

Wild Edibles (with Paul Tappenden)

This is the beginning of a new and exciting venture in The Dirt: a monthly piece from our local wild forager (and frequent Nature Place collaborator) Paul Tappenden on what’s wild and edible in and around our area.

autumn olive berries

Every year at about this time you may have noticed bushes covered in bright red berries. If upon closer inspection you notice that the berries have little silvery white speckles, and the underside of the dark green leaves are silvery, then you are in the presence of autumn olive. Although most of them are rather tart, they can be used in a number of ways. keep reading…

Dew Try It

Chances are good during the fall that if you venture out-of-doors in the early morning hours you will find lawns and other things covered in dew. A fun thing to do in a late afternoon is to place some everyday objects from inside your home outside in different areas.

Go out the following morning and see which items have collected dew. You can use a ball, cup, toy, paper, salt shaker, little brother (only kidding!), a piece of clothing, pots, etc. Try other objects, other mornings.


Give Dew Its Due

It’s long overdue,
this due to dew.
Let’s show appreciation
for this morning condensation.

Due to daily dew keep reading…

Early Bird Enrollment

Our early bird enrollment for summer 2013 is here! A bird might get a worm, you would get 10% off the 2013 total tuition.

How does it work? Go out on a lawn on a damp morning, look for worm holes, cock your head to one side…oh…oops … sorry, you want the tuition information. If you sign up for 4, 5 or 6 weeks and pay in full by October 1, you will receive a 10% discount on your total tuition. Even better than worms!

Go to the camp enrollment tab of our website to get your early bird enrollment form.