Warm, beautiful summer

The summer camp season that just finished was especially memorable. Maybe it was the general, contagious feeling of belonging that spread to everyone at camp – good spirited, relaxed, engaged; maybe it was Banana week, maybe this season had great hikes and camping trips/garden programming/swim instruction/art projects, etc…. likely many of the summer’s good memories are due to the truly exceptional staff that graced us with their constant care and presence.

Below are a few of the kind, descriptive words that parents shared with us this summer.

She has come home saying things like, “I love snap peas!”

Everyone is patient, kind and present. One of the best parts is that all the counselors and staff seem to be enjoying themselves.

…the non-stop chatter, the bright eyes, the scraped knees, the tangled birds nest hair, the grubby shorts and the spoils of nature with which they returned – herbed salt, harvested garlic, tie-dyed t-shirts, dream catchers and so on.

I immediately noticed a lovely and relaxed aura around him since he started camp and it has definitely added to his sense of wonder in the world.

I am convinced that this camp will make a difference in her life forever.

I wanted to let you know that all 3 of my children had a beautiful first experience at The Nature Place. They came home happy, peaceful and full of new knowledge that they wanted to share with me. I love that they come home energized rather than over-stimulated and irritable from a long day.

Camp is technically over but soon my oldest child will be assessing camping gear, planning on days to do trail work with friends and looking at all of the fossils, minerals, and stones he’s collected. My younger one will wear her tye-died shirt, sing “Mellow, Yellow” ad-nauseam and show her friends how to do some of the string art she learned. Eventually, they both will ask how many days until camp starts? And so the annual countdown begins.


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Early Bird Special

No, it’s not three eggs, home fries and toast… it’s 7.5% off of camp tuition for summer 2017 if you pay in full by October 1st (two weeks away). Sign up as an early bird here.


"It's still hungry... and I've been stuffing worms into it all day."

“It’s still hungry… and I’ve been stuffing worms into it all day.”

Hungry Hollow Family Music Festival & Green Meadow Waldorf School Fall Fair

Nothing puts us right smack into the heart of the season like an autumn festival – and over the next few weeks there are two different events that will ease you out of summer and land you square in the lap of fall – The Hungry Hollow Music Festival and Green Meadow Waldorf School’s annual Fall Fair.


Saturday, September 24th, 10 am – 6 pm. 

The Hungry Hollow Family Music Festival brings great music, organic food, and fun activities for children to our campus on Saturday, September 24th, from 10 am until 6 pm. Located at the Fellowship Community – 241 Hungry Hollow Road in Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977, Nature Place friends and families are invited to join in for a day of listening and dancing to good music – the Chapin Sisters, John McDowell and Mama Tongue, Walking Shapes, and more.





Saturday, October 1st, 10 am – 5 pm

The smell of hay from the wagon ride mixes with the sweet tang of apple cider, newly fallen leaves of gold, orange, and red dapple the ground in front of you, music is heard louder as you turn the corner, and on every side you pass vendors tending beautiful booths and selling handmade crafts, toys, and clothing. With a pang, you realize it must have been early morning when you last ate….and then a waft of smoke from the grill drifts past your nose, and you notice the bounty of other good-looking, organic food besides…crises averted, lunch will be had. Walking toward the grill you pass pumpkins being carved into jack-o-lanterns, a puppet show for young children, cider pressing (that’s us! Stop by and say hi), candle-dipping, treasure hunts, and innumerable other games, tricks, and activities for children and adults alike.