A Reminder …

February 11, 2011

… about our summer options. Besides our regular 6-week camp season, June 27 – August 5, we also offer two more special programs.

Quest, July 11 – August 5

Our Quest Program for girls and boys ages 13-16 is an outdoor adventure based, skill-building and challenging alternative to our regular camp program. If your camper wants a ‘piece’ of our regular program as a nice lead-in to Quest, he or she may also enroll in our first two weeks, June 27 – July 8.

From the very beginning Quest campers will make new friends, be challenged and form a tight, cohesive group as they step forward to meet the challenges that await them. Unlike our regular camp program, Quest is only available for the full four weeks. We feel that this amount of time is necessary to develop a trusting and cohesive group.

‘Stepping forward’ is more than just a step – it is hiking, backpacking, canoeing, climbing, fire-building, cooking and living and learning in the out-of-doors. Questers will be out of camp ‘adventuring’ each week:

Week #1 – Flat Water Canoeing, Backpacking

Week #2 – Hiking the entire length of the AppalachianTrail through Harriman State Park

Week #3 – White Water Canoeing on the Delaware River

Week #4 – Rock Climbing in the Shawangunk Mountains

Campers will: practice minimal impact camping; learn to use map and compass; push themselves a little bit beyond their comfort zones; take in the natural beauty of the areas they will be traveling through; feel comfortable and safe in a variety of outdoor settings; maybe have the most memorable Summer of their life; and did we mention yet, have lots of FUN!

Quest will be one group of 12-16 campers. Quest counselors will be experienced working with groups of teens in the outdoors, compassionate and professional. They will have attended our week-long Orientation and will be supervised and supported throughout the Summer by Nature Place administration and staff.

Any ‘Quest-ions”? Give us a call or an email.