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Fall 2019 Guided Family Day Hikes!

The Nature Place is pleased to announce our new year-round offering: Guided Family Day Hikes in Harriman State Park! Join Nature Place trip leader, Roger Dubin, for fun, family-friendly excursions in our favorite stomping grounds: Harriman State Park! Each of our Day Hikes explores a different area of the park (see below for hike descriptions). […]

Early Bird Enrollment for Summer 2020

The early bird gets the worm! Be an early bird and save 10% on camp tuition for summer 2020. While we’re wrapping up this summer 2019 camp season, we’re already thinking and planning and getting ready for next summer. Strike while the iron’s hot, get while the getting’s good: enroll and pay in full by October 1st, […]

Stewarding our Earth

Paul Tappenden reminds us that we can only take so much from nature, and to be mindful of what exactly we take… Nature has no garbage dumps. In nature, nothing lasts any longer than it is needed, then it biodegrades to create fuel for further growth. Here is the perfect self-sustaining system that will continue […]

April Showering

Beloved camp storyteller Chuck Stead tells a tale of trying to help nature expedite spring’s flowering… Dougy Cramshaw came prancing down into the Fountain Pond Park singing, “April Showers Bring May Flowers!” over and over. Winter was done and all sorts of early flowers had emerged, like snow drops and crocuses. But you know spring […]

Every Day is Earth Day

Wild Food Forager, Paul Tappenden, reminds us the Earth gives us gifts every day… To those of us who love nature and her myriad, wonderful gifts, every day is Earth Day. We celebrate the seasons and all that they bring, and feel a responsibility to help protect that which is our very source of life. […]

The Clothes We Wear

Ayla Dunn Bieber gives us the scoop on clothing, fast-fashion, and the textile industry–and it’s not a good look! Luckily she provides plenty of resources, new ways, of doing things, and inspirational ideas for consuming less… Hello everyone! Let’s dive right in to another topic… Another layer to this wasteful mess we humans have created […]

The Traveler’s Dream: Monet’s Garden

The Traveler and the Cook Our Cooking Instructor, Eva Szigeti, paints a beautiful mental picture of Monet’s Garden and, meditating on color as Monet did, provides a vibrant egg dying recipe that utilizes kitchen scraps. There are travel destinations we will always remember, there are places we hope to revisit one day, and there are […]