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Week Six at Camp

We closed the 33rd year of The Nature Pace on a good weather note, unlike the beginning of the week when scattered thunderstorms and drenching downpours graced us at camp. Thursday night, the night of our Remembering Summer Slideshow, was beautiful, with a gentle breeze and clear skies. It felt like maybe, just maybe the […]

Week Five at Camp

It’s hard to believe we have one week of camp left at The Nature Place this summer! Time really does fly when we’re having fun. What a week for weather we had! Torrential storms made for an interesting, wet 5th week of camp, but our good spirits, the hard work of activity leaders, the camping […]

Week Three at Camp

The weather this past week at camp has been just beautiful! Temperatures were in the low 80’s and the air was dry, with crisp, cool mornings. These finest of summer days were possible after Tuesday’s dark, intense rainstorm, complete with plenty of thunder and lightening. The gorgeous days since have been so perfect for time spent outdoors, […]

Week Two at Camp

Talk about some beautiful camp weather! Our whole second week of camp has consisted of cool mornings, warm afternoons, and bright, blue skies. Over the week, we had our eyes toward the sky, looking up to spot the few clouds that ‘snuck in’ now and again. The theme of this past week was Branch Out. […]

Garbage Can Challenge – May Update and Sign Off

Ayla Dunn Bieber tells of a fowl plastic encounter, shares some bright sustainability spots, and signs off for the summer… There has been a steady hum of busy birds around our house these past few weeks: nests being built, eggs being laid, baby birds being fed. We are lucky that a family of robins has […]

Poison Ivy & the Gem that is Jewelweed

Wild food forager Paul Tappenden fills us in on his poison ivy protocol and the joys of jewelweed… A couple of years ago, I was out in my backyard doing a bit of cleaning up, without wearing gloves (not a wise decision).  However, I wasn’t bothered when I brushed against the Stinging Nettles, as they are my […]


Chuck Stead, our beloved camp storyteller, picks up where he left off last month… Jeff Masters walked us kids up along the power line that crosses the road in east Hillburn, just past the Paint Shop, and then goes up the hill and over the mountain. I was directly behind him, followed by Cindy and Ricky, […]

For the Love of Lovage

Our cooking instructor, Eva Szigeti, muses about lovage and what’s in a name… As parents, we make many important decisions. Among the first is the naming of a child.  Finding the right name for a new baby is often a long process full of careful considerations. Many factors play a role: our origin, cultural and […]

Taking Care of Mother Nature

Chuck Stead, our beloved camp storyteller, continues his story from last month… By the end of that trapping season, Jeff Masters had taken more than a few dozen raccoons. This was an animal that was populating very well throughout the Torne Valley and deep into Harriman State Park, but mostly along the edges of the […]

Garbage Can Challenge – April Update

Ayla Dunn Bieber gets frank about her challenges and encourages us all to rally in the name of Earth Day… Well….Spring was not as ‘in the air’ as I had excitedly pronounced in last month’s Dirt, was it? I hope you all stayed warm and are as excited as I am to finally be seeing […]