Hiking Socks – *NEW ITEM*

Nature Place Day Camp Socks: 75% Cotton, 23% Nylon, 2% Elastic. Great length for tucking your pants into for hiking. Cost: $10 (tax included)

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36 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Perfect for hikes, camping trips, or a long day at camp, this stainless steel water bottle is light-weight and durable. Cost: $14 (tax included)

36 oz. Poly-Pure Mountain Bottle


Holding a full liter, this ultra light-weight water bottle is perfect for backpacking. Made from durable, dishwasher safe BPA free Tritan, it’s available in translucent green, blue, red or purple. Cost: $7 (tax included)

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22 oz. Mini Mountain Bottle

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Made from durable, dishwasher safe BPA-free Tritan, we give one of these water bottles out to each camper at camp, but thought you might need more. Cost: $4 (tax included)

Aluminum LED Flashlight with Strap


This flashlight is compact, weighs nicely in the palm of hands both large and small, comes with 3 AAA batteries, and is brighter than the moon on a cloudless night. The attached strap will hang conveniently off a belt loop or backpack strap for fast flashlight action. Cost: $6 (tax included)


Hand Squeeze Flashlight with Wrist Band


No batteries necessary! This flashlight is powered completely by hand and comes with a snug-fitting wrist band. Almost too much fun to use, this person-powered light is great for in-tent reading or as a spare emergency light at home. Cost: $5 (tax included)


Key Ring Whistle


This aluminum whistle is small, thin, and unbreakable. It comes with a key ring for easy attachment to a backpack strap or belt loop, and is loud enough to alert anyone (and everyone) to your presence. Cost: $2 (tax included)


100% Cotton Relaxed Twill Hat – Khaki


This hat has an adjustable fabric strap with a brass slide buckle, a dark green embroidered logo, and looks super fly. Cost: $17 (tax included)


100% Cotton Relaxed Twill Hat – Forest Green


This hat has an adjustable fabric strap with a brass slide buckle, a dark green embroidered logo on a circular khaki patch, and is uber nature-chic. Cost: $17 (tax included)



100% Cotton Twill Bucket Hat – Khaki


This traditional flat top bucket hat has a dark green embroidered logo, a full brim for sun or rain protection, and is perfect for a day spent canoeing on the lake or maxing and relaxing at camp. It’s available in two sizes: Small/Medium or Large/Extra-Large. Cost: $18 (tax included)

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