Over Head/Under Foot – Down by the Bay

The video from our third week of camp this past summer.

Taking Care Week 2013 – The Video

Our first video from this past summer!

Do Penguins have Lips? – The Video

Our 2nd week at camp this past summer was a weird, wild, and winged week, if ever there was one!

Remembering Summer 2012

Our end of summer slide show!

We’ve left out the soundtrack, so you’ll just have to make up your own accompanying music or narration.

(The beginning of intermission has close to a minute of white space, so maybe just take a minute to breathe! And then on with the show…)

Remembering Summer 2011

Remembering Summer 2011

A version of our end-of-season slide show

The Last Week – What! and Why?

Reach Up!

Why did the chicken cross the camp?

A fowl week

What Bugs You? Week