COVID-19: We’re Here for You

As we continue to look ahead and plan for Summer 2020, we hope to provide you with some resources to help bring magic and nature to your home until then! This page also serves as a repository for updates on our handling of COVID-19.

Activities and Resources

Dig into THE Magazine for Quarantine! The Dirt Magazine Vernal Equinox Issue with DIY projects, a coloring page, outdoor activities, and more!

Ed Bieber’s book: What Color is the Wind

A feel guide to the out-of-doors for parents with young children, is based on over 40 years of Ed’s work (and play!) with many thousands of children. This book is an inspired collection of wonder, exploration and discovery.

Now at a reduced rate to serve your family during this time of social distancing! $10

Explore The Dirt Magazine: Winter Solstice Issue for hikes, recipes, kids’ activities, and more!


Finances/Questions About Camp Tuition | 3.24.2020

To provide some peace of mind during this time of uncertainty and also to relieve some of the financial burdens we know many may be feeling, we are suspending billing until May 1st, after your deposit has been paid.

Introducing Virtual Camp Tours | 3.20.2020

In order to comply with the Governer’s orders that all non-essential business’ employees work from home, and to do our part to keep the spread of COVID-19 as low as possible, we are now offering virtual chats in place of our in-person camp tours.

Adapting Our Upcoming Events | 3.19.2020


As a follow-up to our last communication, and as the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we are adapting our Upcoming Events Calendar through April 15th. Though this includes the suspension of most programming, we’re offering alternative ways to enjoy elements of at least a few of the programs!

Changes are as follows:

March 21 | Guided Family Day Hike | Canceled

March 22 and April 4 | Earth Living Skills for Adults, Families, and Children | Canceled

March 22 | Earth Art Free Public Program | Canceled, but: Stay tuned for our upcoming Dirt Magazine, which will include an Earth Art project you can do at home with your family

March 23 | Community ExChange – DIY Toothpaste and Deodorant | Canceled in person, but: Follow us on Instagram @thenatureplacedaycamp, where we will be posting content from the would-be workshop!

March 28 | Camp Fair – Tribeca | Canceled, but: If you’d like to chat with us and learn more about camp, click here to schedule a ‘Virtual Camp Fair Visit’ via Zoom chat!

As we continue to navigate these challenging times together, we will update you regularly.

Wishing you and yours safety and strength!
Your Nature Place Family

A Message From Your Nature Place Family | 3.13.2020

Dear Friends,

In light of our current collective reality, we are connecting with you to let you know that we are thinking of you and your families, our responsibilities as an institution, and our commitment to best serving our camp community.

Like you, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as we continue to look ahead and plan for Summer 2020. We are staying in close communication with our accrediting body, The American Camping Association, as well as the Rockland County and NYS Health Departments. We will keep you abreast of any and all updates as we move forward.

In times of uncertainty, when our lives are affected by things beyond our control, the balance and stability that nature offers can be reassuring and healing. If you have access and opportunity to safely draw from the wellspring of groundedness that connecting with the natural world provides, we hope you can.

As we navigate the coming weeks, may we all be more conscious than ever of how thoroughly we are connected, and of how we can role-model for our children deep empathy, discernment, and responsibility for one another during these times.

Wishing you safety and peace,

Your Nature Place Family