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Debris Hut

March 4, 2014
A daffodil

Beyond leading us on tasty wild edible adventures, our local wild foraging expert and Nature Place activity leader Paul Tappenden has another neat skill that would help us thrive in the wild without our usual camping accoutrement of stoves, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc. -Building debris huts!

With some guidance and additional help, Paul created this shelter by first framing it out with some fallen logs, gradually building up the walls with branches and twigs, and then covering the whole structure with a thick coating of leaves. The building team then created a padded floor using leaves and evergreen bows.

A shelter like this can really stay warm and dry, even in the worst of weather. Luckily for us we’ll be building debris huts in the summer, when the weather is balmy. If we’re on a camping overnight we have tents to sleep in!

Paul Tappenden is the Rockland Forager. See regularly updated blogs, videos, events, and what he and other foragers, herbalists, and naturalists are up to at www.suburbanforagers.com.