Socially Nourishing Day Camps in NY

Skill Building Day Camp in NY

Safe, socially nourishing and skill-building day camp with 5 or 6 week options

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Discover Your Passion. Nurture the New Skill. Be Proud of Your Accomplishment. Repeat.

Campers develop new skills at The Nature Place through a breadth of exposure, opportunities for mentorship and a culture the celebrates the process.

Discover Your Passion: Our program gives campers more than a quick sample of new activities. In 5-6 weeks, campers gain exposure to deep practice in a variety of new skills.

Talented Teachers: Our Activity Leaders are drawn to the values of our nature-based program. Skilled teachers design activities that develop tangible skills while promoting a socially nourishing culture

Culture of Accomplishment: We celebrate new discoveries and appropriate-risk taking. One way that we celebrate accomplishments is during Friday Afternoon Share. Campers have the opportunity to perform new poems, skits, dances, songs or stories about an achievement.

Crafted for Skill-Building

With a camp session of our length, an entire world of programming is opened up! Skill-building and camp activities can truly be progressive–continually building on themselves. With this model, campers can see elaborate projects through from start to finish, master a skill (or many!), find what really makes them tick, up the ante on a challenging activity each week, collaborate on summer-long group initiatives, make vast strides in critical life-skill areas such as swimming, and come out of the summer with real confidence in a variety of areas–rather than having just dipped their toes in.

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Socially Nourishing

The friends your child makes on the first day of camp are the friends they’ll be bittersweetly saying goodbye to on the last day of camp, hopefully with a future playdate already lined up! Our program length gives a rare opportunity for lifelong friendships to grow and blossom, and for each camper to feel socially nourished at an unhurried pace. Campers also get to form deep relationships with their counselors and specialists – their mentors – who over the duration of the summer can truly know and understand each camper. An unmistakable bond forms between the entire group. Together as a ‘camp family’, they experience team-building from the ground up, share challenges and triumphs, create a world of jokes and camaraderie, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


For the past 38 summers our number one priority has remained the same: your child’s safety. First adopted to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in 2020, our enrollment model creates the most static groupings of campers, with the least amount of risk. You can feel confident sending your child to The Nature Place, knowing that they will not be exposed to frequently changing groups of children or staff.