Have You Tried?

Dew Try It

September 14, 2012
a pile of orange leaves

Chances are good during the fall that if you venture out-of-doors in the early morning hours you will find lawns and other things covered in dew. A fun thing to do in a late afternoon is to place some everyday objects from inside your home outside in different areas.

Go out the following morning and see which items have collected dew. You can use a ball, cup, toy, paper, salt shaker, little brother (only kidding!), a piece of clothing, pots, etc. Try other objects, other mornings.

Give Dew Its Due

It’s long overdue,
this due to dew.
Let’s show appreciation
for this morning condensation.

Due to daily dew
the earth is seen as ‘new’.
‘Fresh’ is another way
these drops are thought of every day.

But why are some mornings dew-less?
About that I have to plead clueless.
I guess we’ll have to make do
since only nature makes true dew.

When the early sun shines on me and you
we know that the dew will soon be through.
Don’t be sad, it’s something we knew.
I guess the thing to do is to the dew, bid adieu.