Ed's Corner

Ed’s Corner

January 17, 2013
a group of people hiking


Our new calendars by now hang on our walls and announce when we see January prominently displayed that it is the beginning of a new year. I wonder if all those who have diced and sliced pieces of time in the past and who have come up with this system would be surprised that most of us have agreed that this is how we will divide up time? There are so many ways to look at time. Many who are tuned-in to nature’s cycles will proclaim that the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, is really the beginning of the year, agriculturally speaking. And there are many of us who feel that September, with the start of a new school year (a 10 month year!) is more of a beginning because much of our daily rhythms revolve around our children’s school lives.

I know many kids who think of the first day of camp as their beginning of the most wonder-full time of their year.

And the baseball fans among us – is spring training their beginning?

Or could it be birthdays? Or college graduation day? Or a wedding day?

And then we come to what I call ‘the zeros’, numbers so high that I can’t put my brain around them, i.e. the age of the universe, when the earth was first formed, when life first appeared.

There are beginnings everywhere when you come to think of it. Our New Year’s resolutions, the beginnings (sort of) of a new you; puddles evaporating, the beginning of new clouds, new rain, new spring flowers.

However you measure time, however you see beginnings, we at The Nature Place want to wish you a happy and joyful beginning.

And believe it or not, camp does begin soon.