Ed's Corner

Ed’s Corner

February 3, 2012
a group of people hiking

Have you noticed…

Around the middle of the second week of January there is a distinct change in the daylight. There is a difference in it’s quality and there is more of it towards the end of the day. We are definitely heading toward spring! These changes are felt or internalized by everyone many times at an unconscious level. We only seem to ‘remember’ them consciously when someone makes a remark about the sun now setting after five o’clock, or comments on the different texture of the afternoon light.

Because we are a part of nature (in it and from it), it’s not surprising that we pick up on these sort of subtle changes in our environment. Although we live indoors and buy our food from a grocery store, our bodies have not forgotten the rhythms of the earth and seasons. We’ve been biologically hard-wired to respond to winter by eating more, sleeping more, and doing less. Even if we’re consciously anticipating two more months of winter (and maybe even some snow), at this time of year we can also sense that something has shifted.

See for yourself and go for a walk on a sunny day. Does the light feel different than it did in December? Do you feel different in the waxing sunlight of a new year?