Group P Day Hike

Monday, August 3
Harriman State Park

All hikes are to the age and ability of the campers, in terms of interest, mileage and terrain. Each hike offers a bit of adventure, some challenges, plenty of rest stops, a new awareness of our environment and a chance to explore nature. During the hikes we will learn proper hiking techniques, safety, natural and human history, Leave No Trace Principles, tick awareness, trail etiquette and more.

Campers will wear their face masks on the bus to get to and from the hike. On the trail, they will be able to hike in the open fresh air without their masks, putting them on if they pass another hiker outside of our group.

We will cancel a hike if the weather is too hot, it’s raining heavily, or there is a serious threat of thunderstorms. If possible, all canceled hikes are rescheduled. If a hike is canceled, your camper will be scheduled for a full day of activities at camp, so be sure they bring a swimsuit to camp every day, even on hike days.