Farm and Garden Days

February 5, 2011

We could have also called this program The Dog Days of Summer because mid-August, the dates of the program August 8 – 19 (immediately after our regular 6-week program), are hot and humid and often referred to as ‘the Dog Days’. This term comes not from panting, lying around, lazy canines but from the so-called dog star – Sirius – that now begins to rise in the evening sky.

This program, run  in conjunction with the Pfeiffer Center of The Threefold Educational Foundation, focuses, as the name implies, on our farm and organic (really organic plus – biodynamic) gardens that the campers have worked in and visited throughout the Summer. It is a much smaller program than our regular camp and has a different, slower-paced rhythm to it. The hours are 9am-4pm, like the regular camp, with before-camp care and after-camp care available, as well as busing from Manhattan.

Campers  6 – 12 years old will usually be in the gardens during the cooler mornings, involved with such hands-on activities as making compost, harvesting, weeding, tending the honeybees, baking pizza in our outdoor clay oven, smelling the flowers, tasting herbs, making colors from dye plants, drinking sun teas, learning about the earth and how we can nurture it as it nurtures us, exploring  plant life cycles, watching butterflies, laughing, playing games and having FUN!

There is swim time after the garden, followed by lunch. Campers can bring their own lunches or there is an optional, organic hot lunch available through the Threefold Café (on our grounds) and Chef Anthony LoPinto.

After lunch the group usually heads up to the farm where campers could be involved with animal care (cows and sheep), collecting eggs and holding the chickens, berry picking, ‘rocking’ the fields, harvesting, milking cows, making cheese, working with the sheep’s wool and more. Besides garden, farm, swim and lunch, campers will also do cooking, earth art, cooperative games, storytelling, hand crafts, singing, woodland explorations and more.

Staff will be some of the regular season camp counselors plus interns and staff from the Pfeiffer Center. Carol Avery is the Program Director and she, as well as Ed Bieber, will be working directly with campers.

Campers can sign up for one or both weeks of the program. Because Farm and Garden Days is a small program we recommend reserving a spot as soon as you can.