Have You Tried?

Ice Art

February 3, 2012
a pile of orange leaves

If the temperature in the evening goes down into the 20’s – and with this kind of warmer, snowless winter – who knows? – try making some ice art. Get a round pie tin and fill it about halfway or less with water. Take it outdoors and add (yes, put into the water) some different leaves, seeds, colorful pieces of litter, anything else you may find that is not too big. Cut a piece of string about 10 inches long and place the two ends of the string into the water so that the looped part is hanging out of the pie tin. Leave outdoors overnight, collect it the next morning and run some warm water over the bottom of the tin. The circular piece of ice should easily slip out of the tin. Using the looped string, hang your ice art outdoors, somewhere where the sun can shine through it. ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ are now permissible. Watch how your ice art melts and takes on other shapes and forms. Experiment with small pieces of colored tissue paper in the water for a stained glass-like look.