Have You Tried?

Leaf Games

October 17, 2013
a pile of orange leaves

Here are a few easy leaf activities for the fall:

Pick up two handfuls of dry leaves, putting them up to and just touching your ears, and then crunch – crunch – crunch them! Fall in stereo. The sound of squishing corn flakes or potato chips.

Find a lawn (perhaps even your own!) covered in a layer of leaves and make leaf angels by lying down and moving your arms and legs just like you would for a snow angel.

Use a rake to make a path that twists, turns and bends through a yard full of leaves, and then follow it! You can walk, run, skip, bike – it’s up to you.

Find colored leaves that have just fallen and are not yet dried out, and rub them on a piece of white paper. Make sure the paper is on a hard surface. Crumpling the leaf up before you rub it will help the color come onto the paper.