Letting go of summer

October 13, 2011
The Nature Place

Before we let go of summer completely and immerse ourselves in September and autumn, we would like to share with you some of the feedback received from parents about their children’s experience this past summer at The Nature Place:

“We have seen our child mature and grow so much this summer. He has obviously been challenged while feeling safe and accepted. For this we are so grateful.”

“Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm, patience and kindness. I am so happy I went to a camp fair last winter and found you. You have really made a difference in my children’s appreciation of the world around us, and for city kids, it is an invaluable lesson.”

“I wish I was able to go to your camp as a child.”

“We are grateful for being part of the Nature Place family. This was our 5th year and probably the best of all of them.”

“My child loved the experiences, the counselors and new friends. Every day he would come home and tell me of the wonderful times. Despite the language barrier he adapted very easily and felt comfortable immediately.”

“Driving home on the last day, my kids were sad. Staring out the window, one of them said, addressing it to no one in particular, ‘Yoko (our cooking activity leader) is the best thing ever to happen to a kitchen.”

“I wish I could bottle up the magic that you all create and sporadically let it out during the year.”