Have You Tried?

October One Minute Wonders

October 25, 2011
a pile of orange leaves

When you take the first step outside of your door, smell the air. Is it the smell of October?

Stand still when you see a leaf beginning to fall and watch its swirling (maybe?) dance as it touches the ground.

Pick up in each hand a big bunch of very dry leaves from the ground. Put each hand filled with leaves up to each ear – even touching the outside of the ear, and crunch up the leaves quickly. Does it sound like a thousand potato chips crunching? Or fall in stereo?

When standing next to a tree look at the cracks, fissures of the bark to perhaps find a little critter hiding there and settling down for a winter sleep. Please allow it to keep on settling down. Check on it again.

When you come to a flat area strewn with recently fallen leaves, play a game where neither of you can step on a fallen leaf between here and there. You can then turn around and trace the same course but, this time, you have to step only on leaves.

Catch a leaf before it hits the ground. One story says that if you do, you’ll have less colds this winter! And just think, you are the only person in the world who has ever touched that particular leaf!