Day Camp

Earth Art

Camper holding up his art

Did you know that ‘art’ is in the middle of ‘Earth’? We utilize the earth’s materials and motivations, nature’s beauty and wonder, and combine all this with the creativity and imagination of children!

We sometimes bring our art materials out to one of our 200 acres for an art experience in the apple orchard, next to the Fairy Stream or in the cool, deep woods. We paint, sculpt, draw, sketch, extract natural colors, use bark/sticks/rocks, make stump ‘cities’, work with clay and even find our own ‘Indian clay’ in the banks of our streams. We think outside-the-box when we ponder new art ideas. We learn to work with recycled materials, balance rocks, attempt some Andy Goldsworthy-esque projects, translate some of nature’s visual rhythms into auditory rhythms, make baskets and work with our sheep’s wool in a variety of ways.