Day Camp

On-Site Overnights

Campers walking into the woods

On-Site overnights are the perfect introduction to sleeping outdoors (in a tent of course!). Sleeping “close to home” pairs the exciting experience of spending the night outdoors with the familiarity of being on our campus. Besides getting to go on night hikes, see fireflies and shooting stars and sing around a campfire, campers will learn outdoor living skills. Campers, by staying the whole night, get involved with more of the cooking, learn some more advanced outdoor skills like using map and compass, learn how to go to the bathroom outdoors, practice using the tents properly and learn how to sleep warm (or cool) and dry in a sleeping bag. Older campers going on more extensive trips later in the summer also participate in an On-Site overnight early in the season to learn some of ins-and-outs of minimal impact camping.