Spring Peeper ‘Hunt’

April 3, 2012

Jeepers, creepers, come and find some peepers.

Join us this coming Saturday, May 5th at 7:30pm for our Annual Spring Peeper ‘Hunt’.
You may be asking, “What’s a peeper?” (a small tree frog)
Or you may be asking, “What’s a henway?” (about 3 pounds).

Our ‘hunt’ will be through a rough, boggy, wetland area with many shrubs, downed branches, mud and water. The trip itself is an adventure so wear boots and warm, old clothes and don’t expect a cleared nature trail or path. And very importantly, bring flashlights!!!

We’ll fill you in on more details, i.e. ‘hunting’ techniques, when we meet at camp to begin our amphibious journey.

Saturday, May 5th. 7:30-9pm
307 Hungry Hollow Road Chestnut Ridge NY 10977