Ricky MacGregor

Ricky MacGregor has a lifetime of camp experience. Starting as a camper, the summer camp experience has had a profound impact on Ricky. These experiences led him to work as a counselor, and he has now reached the goal of working full-time as the Assistant Director here at The Nature Place.

After graduating from the University of Connecticut in 2020 with a degree in Communications, Ricky found himself deciding what to do with his degree. As the next summer approached, he sought and found a substantial seasonal camp position, even though he was working full-time in a different field. During this time, he realized that camp was the full-time job he was searching for, and in 2022, he joined The Nature Place family to begin his professional camp journey.

Ricky developed his deep love of the outdoors on his path to becoming an Eagle Scout and is excited to be able to get back in touch with that aspect of his life. When not at camp, Ricky can often be found playing with his dogs, spending time with his family, or hanging out with friends.