The Top 10 Reasons (wink, wink) to be at The Nature Place

May 6, 2011
10.  Everybody has to be someplace.
9.  The 3 administrators sound like a law firm:  Bieber, Bieber and Dunn
8.  To hear, once again, the old pun when talking about our beloved storyteller, “Do you know Chuck Stead?” “No, I didn’t know he was sick.”
7.  To discover why a camper or two each year go home after the first few days of camp (true!) and ask their parent(s), “Everyone at camp is so happy. What’s going on?”
6.  To put to rest the rumor, after hearing Ed sing, that he is related to Justin Bieber.
5.  To find out that when you hug a tree, the tree hugs back.
4.  To test the theory that 10 drops of melting water on the back of your neck from one of the camp’s famous ice blocks hanging in trees on the hottest days will keep you cool for 43 minutes.
3.  Where else do they take trolls so ‘seriously’?
2.  To learn to “P” in the woods.
And, the #1 reason to attend The Nature Place this Summer:
1.  To laugh, make friends, be yourself, reconnect with nature, be challenged, be supported by caring people and to have FUN!
Jordan in ice