Questions with a Camper

20 Questions with Campers: Emilia & Quincy

June 1, 2023
Non-competitive Nature-oriented summer camp

Emilia & Quincy are campers (and siblings) returning after multiple years growing at camp!

Q1: What did you like best about camp last summer?

Quincy: What I liked last summer was doing the activities with my group (k).

Emilia: What I liked best about this summer was when I saw the baby calves at the farm.

Q2: What are your favorite Nature Place activities?

Quincy:  I liked drama, tree climbing, mucking, and morning share.

Emilia: My favorite Nature Place activities were garden, art, swimming, African dancing and farm.

Q3: Who was your favorite morning SHARE character?

Quincy: My favorite morning share character was Brenden Banana.

Emilia: My favorite morning share character was the Chill Beaver because he was so funny- just walking around doing nothing.

Q4: How many summers have you spent at The Nature Place?

Quincy: This summer will be my 4th.

Emilia: This is my third year at the Nature Place.

Q5: What is your favorite memory from The Nature Place?

Quincy: My favorite memory of last summer was making it to the top of the tree at tree climbing.

Emilia: My favorite memory from last summer was climbing to the top of a really tall mountain on a day hike.

Q6: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Quincy: I am looking forward to all of the awesome activities.

Emilia: I am most looking forward to seeing the baby chicks that hatched.

Q7: What advice would you share with a new camper starting at The Nature Place this summer?

Quincy: Wear your bathing suit to camp under your clothes.

Emilia:  I would tell them to wear their swim suit under their clothes.

Q8: This or That: Swimming in the pond or Mucking in the Fairy Stream?

Quincy: Mucking in the fairy stream.

Emilia: Swimming in the pond.

Q9: What was your favorite camp song?

Quincy: ‘We’re off to see the Queen of Bananas.’

Emilia: My favorite camp song was ‘The Happy Birthday Song!’

Q10: Who was your favorite staff member and why?

Quincy: My favorite staff member was Brenden because they were so funny and nice.

Emilia: My favorite staff members were the staff members from my favorite activities.

Q11: What skill or knowledge did you learn this summer?

Quincy: I learned how to canoe on the canoeing overnight.

Emilia:  I learned how to build a tent and how to build a fire.

Q12: What was your favorite part of your Overnight or Almost Overnight?

Quincy: My favorite part of the camping overnight was the campfire stories and songs and waking up with my friends.

Emilia: My favorite part of my almost overnight was playing octopus with Scott.

Q13: What activity do you want to get more into at camp next summer?

Quincy: I would want to get more into drama.

Emilia: I want to get more into climbing.

Q14: What is your favorite spot at The Nature Place?

Quincy: My favorite spot was the fairy stream.

Emilia: My favorite spot was in the garden and at the farm.

Q15: Where do you think the trolls go during the winter?

Quincy: I think they hibernate in their new hiding spot.

Emilia: Find a new place to hide for the campers to find them next summer.

Q16: What did you like about your counselor/s this summer?

Quincy: I loved that my counselors were so fun.

Emilia:  I liked my counselors last summer because they were sooo funny.

Q17: What was your favorite dish at Cooking?

Quincy: My favorite dish at cooking was the corn.

Emilia: The eatable bowls.

Q18: What was your favorite art project?

Quincy: My favorite art project was drawing landscapes.

Emilia: Sculpting faces with clay on the trees.

Q19: What was the most unusual thing you found in the fairy stream while mucking?

Quincy: The most unusual thing I found while mucking was a plastic bag.

Emilia: The most unusual thing that I found in the fairy stream were water bugs.

Q20: Did you try the climbing tree? If so, how high did you feel comfortable climbing?

Quincy: Yes, I did do the climbing tree and I made it to the top.

Emilia: I felt comfortable climbing to the top.