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Now accepting applications for our Summer 2024 Dream Team!

Hey, you.

Are you looking for a summer experience with a focus on connecting children to the natural world?

Do you dream of a job that expands and hones your skills, while allowing you to grow personally– all in the great outdoors?

Do you find yourself checking for hidden trolls when crossing over old wooden bridges?

If you’re saying “Yeah!!!” to all of these questions, The Nature Place could be your place!

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Who We Are

The Nature Place Day Camp is an ACA accredited, nature-oriented and non-competitive summer camp for kids ages 4-16, located on 200 acres of fields, forests, farmland, gardens, ponds, and streams, in Rockland County, NY.

Our Mission

To provide an inclusive and representative space where children can find their place in nature, embrace their unique selves, grow relationships and new life skills, build resiliency, and be inspired throughout…

And that’s where you come in:

Our staff is made up of highly motivated, earth-loving individuals who possess strong work ethics and a desire to create magic and fun wherever they go. We’re looking for responsible, caring people who can be silly, who can put in long days and keep a positive attitude, and who want to make a difference in a child’s summer, and beyond!

The Nature Place is committed to anti-racism; celebrating diversity across race, gender, orientation, and background; and to assembling a staff who our campers can see themselves reflected in.

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Sound like you would fit in with our team?

Check out these Fast Facts to be sure:

Minimum Age Requirement

Our staff is multigenerational team of folks in all stages of life. To work at The Nature Place, you must be 17 or older.

Staff Orientation

Staff Orientation will be held the week of Monday, June 26 – Friday June 30, 2023, and attendance for all staff is mandatory.

Season Dates

Following Staff Orientation, our Summer 2023 camp season is from Monday, July 3 – Friday, August 11, 2023. Camp will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th. Staff must be available to work Monday-Friday for the entirety of the season.

Internship Credit

In college and need internship credit? Talk with your college advisor to see if a summer at The Nature Place can satisfy your internship goals. We will be happy to work with your school to get them any info/paperwork they need about our program!

Salary Scale

At The Nature Place, we compensate and reward our staff based on their relevant experience and ability. Unlike many other camps, we do not base our compensation on staff members’ age, as we know that age and experience are not necessarily correlated!

Staff salaries are calculated by beginning with the base salary and adding compensation based on experience and position, where applicable.

Salary Category Amount
Base Salary $1,300
Additional Pay Based on Experience Amount
Longevity Bonus for Returning Staff $150 per past
summer with us
Relevant Work and/or
Life Experience*
with Experience
*work with children, outdoor/environmental experience, advanced degrees, teacher, etc.

Additional Pay Based on Position Amount
Counselor $250
Head Counselor $400
Activity Leader $450
Assistant Bus Counselor NYC: $350
Westchester & NJ: $150
Lead Bus Counselor NYC: $700
Westchester & NJ: $300
Overnight Trip Bonus
(for Group Counselors only)
$25/night spent on trip
Swim Staff Lifeguard Cert: $500
and/or WSI Cert: $500
Trip Leader $1,500
& WFA/CPR Cert: $300

COVID-19 Safety

The health and safety of our staff and campers continues to be our number one priority. Please read our safety protocols to get a sense for what to expect at camp.

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