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Lunch at Camp

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Campers at The Nature Place can either bring lunch from home or purchase lunch through the Threefold Cafe’s Camp Lunch Program.

Bringing Lunch From Home

Packing your camper an ample, nutritious lunch makes for a fun, well-supported day at camp. ​

Please read our notes on Green Lunch below​ for helpful tips on packing your lunch using sustainable methods.

The Threefold Cafe’s Camp Lunch Program

The Nature Place has partnered with the Threefold Café to offer a nutritious and sustainably packaged lunch program.

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​Kindly direct all questions to the Threefold Café:

Green Lunch

Each summer we strive to be the greenest we have ever been. We hope you will get on board with us, as a way to help our environment, and as an opportunity for your camper to realize that they can make a difference each day.

Here are some tips for packing a zero-waste lunch:

  • Bring a reusable lunch box, clearly labeled with your child’s name
  • Include a cool pack within
  • Use a refillable thermos or bottle, rather than single-use plastic
  • Buying in bulk and using refillable containers save on packaging
  • Keep a reusable knife, fork and spoon and a cloth napkin in the lunch box
  • Everything from your child’s lunch will go back home with them, so that you can see what (if anything) is not being eaten, and adjust accordingly to reduce food waste
  • At home, properly dispose of, recycle, reduce, reuse or compost everything in the lunch box (having your camper assist you is a great way to reinforce these habits!)

Remember: When we throw something ‘away’, we know that this isn’t actually possible. There is no such place as ‘away’!


Helpful tips for packing waste-free lunches + lunch bags, containers, reusable snack baggies, and more.

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.Anne-Marie Bonneau

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