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Here we've collected questions we are commonly asked about camp.
Campers practicing paddle techniques with canoe paddles

How long has your camp been in operation?

The summer of 2024 will be our 39th year of operation.

What are the camp’s hours?

Campers arrive between 8:45 and 9 am. Dismissal for buses begins at 3:30 pm, and campers are picked up by car between 3:45 and 4 pm.

Is there a nurse present during regular camp hours?

Yes, we have a full-time Registered Nurse at camp during operating hours.

What does non-competitive mean?

Read about what being non-competitive means to us, and why we think it’s important.

How do you select and train your staff?

Read about how we select and train our staff.

How many campers are in each group?

There are 12-18 campers in each group. Groups are all-gender, and are put together based on age, grade and friend request.

How many counselors are with each group?

Most of our groups have 3 counselors.

How many campers do you have?

We maintain our numbers at an average of 250 campers. We’re proud that there are no crowds to get lost in.

Are you a peanut-free camp?

No, we are not peanut-free, but we are extremely peanut-aware! Every year we manage a number of campers with severe allergies to peanuts, other nuts, and other foods.

Is there a parent visiting day?

Parents can visit any day. Give us a call beforehand, if at all possible, so that we will be able to bring you to wherever your child’s group is when you arrive.

Do you allow campers or staff to use cell phones or other digital media devices during camp?

No. We want our campers to connect with new friends, with the natural world, with themselves, and we would like to minimize obstacles that could get in the way of these things happening.

Does my child have to go on a camping overnight scheduled for their group?

No. But we always encourage and support campers in trying new things.