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Help us raise up a generation of earth-minded planet protectors through the gift of camp and connection with nature!
Campers looking up at trees in the forest

Our Campership Fund was established in 2017 to help bring The Nature Place to children who would otherwise not be able to attend! With the support of camp families, past and present staff, former campers, and others whose lives have been touched by camp, children are given the gift of connection with nature–a gift that can change their life, and change our world. Through our partnership with the American Camp Association, The Nature Place Day Camp Campership Fund accepts tax-deductible donations of any amount, and the funds go directly to camper tuition for families in need.

Campers sitting by the river
Campers putting their hands in the circle for a group chant

If your life, or your child’s life, has been nourished by a summer spent at The Nature Place, please consider spreading the magic and passing on that gift to another child. Your donation is sure to have an impact on a child’s sense of self, wonder, adventure; on their confidence; on their understanding of the world in this difficult time; on their future, and in turn, on what the future may look like as we endeavor to heal and protect this planet.

Campers in canoes by a cliff
Campers with beards and hair made from straw

My summers at The Nature Place instilled feelings of connection, love, and wonder towards nature that only continue to grow stronger. Most importantly, I continue to live my life with a certain phrase in my mind: “Open your mind and say, ‘Ahhhhhh’. Thank you, Nature Place. You changed my life forever.Former Camper