Questions with a Camper

20 Questions with Sophia – Group E

November 30, 2022

Q1: What did you like best about camp this summer?

I get to have fun in nature! Going hiking, tree climbing, drama, swimming, making new friends – everything!

Q2: What are your favorite Nature Place activities?

Tree climbing, drama, cooking, and I LOVE swimming in the pond!

Q3: Who was your favorite morning SHARE character?

Mr. Banana because he’s really funny!

Q4: How many summers have you spent at The Nature Place?

One, and I’m going back again next summer!

Q5: What was your first memory of The Nature Place?

My first memory was when I went for a tour with Jason and walked around the camp in the rain. I saw the pond before it was filled up for the summer!

Q6: What are you most looking forward to next summer?

Meeting new friends, climbing the tree again, and I want to try to pass the deep water test. EVERYTHING!

Q7: What advice would you share with a new camper starting at The Nature Place this summer?

If I were giving advice to someone new, I would tell them “don’t worry, it’s going to be fine – it’s super fun here!”

Q8: Who are you looking forward to seeing next summer?

Everyone from last year, plus meeting new friends!

Q9: What was your favorite camp song?

I’ve got peace like a river

Q10: What was the coolest thing that happened on a day hike?

We saw a waterfall and went across the rocks

Q11: What skill or knowledge did you learn this summer?

Climbing the tree, learning an African dance, learning about composting, and I learned how to swim underwater!

Q12: What was your favorite part of your Almost Overnight?

When the camp leader sang with all of us

Q13: What is the first thing you do after you wake up to get ready to go to camp?

Having a good breakfast

Q14: What is the first thing you do when you get home after a camp day?

Unpack my backpack and tell my family all about my day

Q15: Where do you think the trolls go during the winter?

In the trees to hibernate

Q16: What is your favorite camp tradition?

Cookie tree

Q17: What was your favorite dish at Cooking?

Lemon Thyme Ice Cream

Q18: This or that, garden addition: chickens or bunnies?

Bunnies – they are soooooo cute and they eat out of our hand!

Q19: What was the most unusual thing you found in the fairy stream while mucking?

A skunk footprint

Q20: What is your favorite spot at The Nature Place?

The pond and the climbing tree