Ed's Corner

Ed’s Corner

March 6, 2012
a group of people hiking

Crocuses at the end of January? Snowdrops on February 1? No ice skating yet on our pond!? Do we call this ‘winter’ an extended fall? Is something going on with global warming trends, is the jet stream stuck, do El Nino or La Nina have a role in this, is it just a small blip or anomaly in the larger weather picture, is it making up for last winter? Do you feel a little guilty because you are enjoying it? I do love each of our seasons and I have always felt very strongly that if you live in a 4-season place, well, darn it, bring on each season! But I also believe in seeing what ‘silver linings’ can be be found. If nature serves up a mild winter, like this one, parents may be more likely to go adventuring outdoors than they would be during a freezing, snowy one.

But if, like me, you’re holding on to one last melting icicle of hope for a cold and white winter, don’t despair! The Farmer’s Almanac wisely warns us of late February and early March’s mercurial weather. You’ve probably heard the phrase “In like a lion, out like a lamb” used to describe March’s typically cold and snowy beginnings and warmer endings. If the saying proves true this year (fingers crossed), we’re still in for a bite or two from the white teeth of winter before spring is upon us.