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Staff Experience at The Nature Place

Working at The Nature Place is a life-changing and life-affirming experience. Create fun, adventure, and a safe-haven for campers in an environment where you, too, can be yourself!
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Your Summer with Us

Inspire and Impact

Despite all that’s amiss in the world, children give us hope; they are our future. When you join our staff, you get to have a direct impact in helping to cultivate that future. You’ll help mold each camper’s sense of self, wonder, and responsibility to the planet and to other people. You’ll shape their understanding of the world and their position in it, and help raise the empowered young people this world needs. The effects of your job at camp will be far greater than we can imagine!

Counselor with arm around a camper

Build Your Resume

Here are just a few of the areas camp will help you develop in:

  • Leadership, communication, and public-speaking skills
  • Problem-solving, conflict-resolution, and mediation skills
  • Time management
  • Understanding of child development
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
Three counselors doing an activity together

Connect With Yourself, With Others, and With the Earth

For both campers AND staff, camp provides:

  • The opportunity for self-expression in a safe and open environment
  • Friendships and memories to last a lifetime
  • Practical skill-building
  • The chance to try new things
  • 200+ acres to explore & opportunities for offsite trips
Counselor canoeing in the lake

Staff Testimonials

3 wonderful summers

I’ve worked at NPDC for 3 wonderful summers! There is really something special about spending my days in the hot sun, singing camp songs and hearing laughter everywhere you go. Everyone here is so authentic and themselves and that makes me excited to do my job well!”

– Chelsea

Chelsea, an instructor

An irreplaceable experience

Working at The Nature Place Day Camp has been life changing. The passion for life, nature, noticing deeply, treading gently, and nurturing children of all ages is an irreplaceable experience. Don’t miss out on the magic!”

– Janet

Janet, an instructor

The reason I come back year after year

Kids ten years younger than me are getting hooked to electronics like bait on a fishing hook. Instead of going through water on Fortnite, I was able to show campers the fun of a real-life experience mucking around the entire Fairy Stream. The happiness on their faces was something that cannot be recreated by video games. It is the reason I come back year after year. I’ve also made many amazing friends on the staff and being with the staff is the best part of the camp for me.”

– Sean

Sean, an instructor

It’s about all the campers who I meet and grow to love

My daughter said to me yesterday, “Daddy, can I go to this camp for the rest of my life?” So there’s that. But obviously it’s not just about my daughter and her happiness at NPDC. It’s also about all the campers who I meet and grow to love. I feel grateful for the fact that they’re having this unique experience at a place that is the real deal in terms of loving their campers; celebrating diversity; and taking the mission of human understanding, inclusivity, and stewardship for the Earth quite seriously.”

– Tim

Tim, an instructor

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