Day Camp

Almost Overnights

Campers hiking up rocks

This is designed as an introduction to our camping program for our younger campers. The excitement these campers show building up to this event is amazing. To look at such a group about to head out to our field to set up tents, one would think that they were en route to a month-long expedition climbing the Himalayan peaks!

During an Almost Overnight campers learn what kind of gear to take and how to pack it, how to set up tents, help cook their dinner and say hello to the mosquito-eating bats swirling high up in the air. Other Almost Overnight activities include a night hike, an amazing display of fireflies, sitting around a campfire singing songs, eating ‘smores’ or popcorn and maybe even seeing ‘shooting stars’ overhead. Campers are picked up by parents early that evening. Sometimes a story or two is told around the campfire but our rule is ‘no scary stories’. We want everyone to get home and in bed as quickly as possible, recognizing that this has been a long, tiring and great day!