Save the Delaware River

November 15, 2011
The Nature Place

We usually don’t get political. But when it involves the environment, and more specifically, an environment that is near and dear to us, we must.

You might have heard about the natural gas extraction technique called hydraulic fracturing, aka “fracking”. On Monday, November 21st, the Delaware River Basin Commission will be meeting to vote on whether or not to allow the drilling of over 20,000 gas wells in the Delaware River watershed. Approving this measure will promote the permanent industrialization and contamination of one of our national (and very local) treasures.

A designated Wild and Scenic River, the Delaware is the longest free flowing river east of the Mississippi and the source of drinking water for almost 16 million people in NYC, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Every year our campers enjoy paddling in its waters and camping along its shores. Sightings of bald eagles, herons, snowy white egrets, deer and bear are a common treat as we wind our way down this beautiful river valley.

It would be a devastating loss to us personally, to The Nature Place’s camping program, and to future generations if this destruction is allowed to take place. If you are interested in finding out more about this issue and how you can help stop it, please visit www.savethedelawareriver.com