Spring Fever

March 24, 2011
The Nature Place

After this very long Winter we are all looking forward to Spring and its promises: growth, fresh scents, green, longer daylight, chirping birds, renewal, warmer breezes and climbing temperatures. This is also the time for another temperature rise, at least metaphorically, within us – Spring Fever! We are all familiar with its symptoms: hard to sit still; long gazes out the window; an overwhelming need to get outdoors, even for just a few minutes; the reassuring comfort of knowing once again that the world is a warm and good place.
Some people, when they develop a real fever, take medication to relieve or to bring down the fever. Others let the fever run its course and believe that a fever is the body’s way of really dealing with the infection, illness or whatever is the cause of the rise in body temperature.

There is nothing we can take over-the-counter or by prescription that will help this Spring fever (and we wouldn’t want to). We have to follow the second course of action as described above – recognize it, live with it, it’s there for a reason. Spring fever is there to heighten our senses, to get us outside and moving, to wonder and wander with our children, to feel a part of the natural world.

Go out. Say ‘Yes’. Give in to that fever!