Have You Tried?


November 21, 2012
a pile of orange leaves

What’s long and sticky? A Stick!
And there are many, courtesy of Sandy.

STICKS! Sticks, I say ladies and gentlemen. Step right up and get your sticks. Get ’em while they’re NOT (on the tree)! Become a stickler. Just think of all the things sticks could be: tools, kindling, snakes, letters of the alphabet, antlers, trail markers, sky hooks (so you don’t fall down), giant pencils, the raw materials for log cabins or tepees or rafts or gnome homes, bridges, corduroy roads. And let’s not forget walking sticks.

Stick them in the ground in one long undulating line from shortest to tallest. How beautiful.
Make them into a forest.
Make up a game of pick-up sticks.
Peel pieces of the bark to create a design on the stick.
There’s plenty for everyone, folks, no pushing.
Mark off some feet and inches on a stick, stick it in the ground in a place that you can see from a window, and after the next snowfall, just look outdoors at your snow stick to find out how deep it is.
Make an outdoor zoo of stick animals.
Make piles of them around your yard, leave them for the winter, and see who might decide to move in. Check for tracks in the snow.
Put aside for future use some perfect marshmallow sticks.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can never have enough sticks if you have children at home. No, no, I didn’t mean it that way, oh my, I better get going. See you next time I’m in town. Look for my special rock sale then.