Ricky's Ramblings

Where Have the Trolls Gone?

November 30, 2022

Trolls. They’re a mysterious creature that calls The Nature Place home during the summer. Trolls can often be found hiding around camp, waiting to be found by campers and returned to their nest before going out to hide again. It is a magical moment when a troll is found.

I was taking a walk over the Fairy Stream Bridge the other day, when a thought popped into my head; trolls are all over camp throughout the summer, but where do they go after camp ends? I came up with a few ideas of where I think the trolls may go for the winter:

  1. The trolls pack up their nest and head to a tropical island for an extended beach vacation.
  2. The trolls head out to Harriman State Park for the winter, hiking the trails they hear all about from the campers.
  3. The trolls book a campsite at Cedar Pond and spend the winter canoeing the frozen pond.
  4. The trolls head into Manhattan after hearing about the city from the campers who live there, and spend the winter months exploring all the city has to offer. I have a feeling they especially love seeing Broadway shows.
  5. The trolls are still at camp, but don’t want to be found as frequently as they do in the summer.

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to embark on a bit more research into where trolls go in the winter. I learned a few things about trolls that I hadn’t known before. Trolls originally came from Scandinavia, so it’s possible that they head off to Norway in the winter to reconnect with their familial roots. I learned of a town in Minnesota called Thief River Falls, which is the most Norwegian city in America. They also have a population of trolls who hibernate in the winter, so perhaps our camp trolls spend the winter hibernating, dreaming of all the adventures to come next summer.

After all my research and thoughts, I can honestly say that I still have no idea where the trolls go during the winter months. Where do you think the trolls are during the winter?