Questions with a Staff Member

20 Questions with an Activity Leader, Diane

June 1, 2023
Diane is an activity leader at the Nature Place Day Camp in Rockland County, NY

Diane is a Nature Place Day Camp Activity Leader with 10 years of experience nurturing new and returning campers.


Q1: How many summers have you spent at The Nature Place?

About 12 summers!

Q2: What interested you about working at The Nature Place?

My son actually recruited me… On his last day at camp, his first year, when he was 9 years old, he told Ed Bieber (Founder/Director) that he should hire me for next year. My daughter, who was 6 years old, said she wanted to come too, if I was working there.

Q3: What is your favorite Nature Place activity?

It’s hard to pick just one activity… usually any that are outdoors, whichever one I’m in at the time!

Q4: What was your favorite memory of this past summer?

My favorite memory was seeing so many returning, smiling, campers and counselors and meeting new ones.

Q5: What originally brought you to The Nature Place?

Ed Bieber was president of the New York State Environmental Education Association the first year I attended the conference, and he was talking about a camp he was starting in Rockland County, NY. Fast forward, many years, I remembered the description and brought my son to a camp tour. Halfway through the tour he said, “This is where I’m going this summer!”

Q6: Who is your favorite Morning Share character?

The Flower Fairy is my favorite character… She has been there every year I’ve been there, but never looks older.

Q7: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Summer 2023, I look forward to seeing the returning counselors and campers and meeting the new ones.

Q8: What was your first memory of The Nature Place?

My first memory working at The Nature Place was getting to know the counselors and staff through the team building activities at orientation.

Q9: What advice would you share with a new camper starting at The Nature Place this summer?

New campers, and returning campers, should keep an open mind to trying something new and making new friends.

Q10: What advice would you share with a new Staff member starting at The Nature Place this summer?

New staff members and returning staff should keep an open mind to trying something new and making new friends, which would be a good model for your campers!

Q11: Who are you looking forward to seeing next summer?


Q12: What is your favorite camp song?

“Here Comes the Sun”

Q13: What is your favorite spot at The Nature Place?

Anywhere near the stream, where I can hear the birds, and flowing water, is my favorite spot.

Q14: Where do you think the trolls go during the winter?

When the temperature gets cooler in the fall, the trolls borrow a trail map from the camping department, and hike through Harriman, to the Appalachian trail. There they hide out until they can stow-away in a through-hiker’s backpack to get a ride to Georgia for the winter.

Q15: What is your favorite camp tradition?

Morning share!

Q16: What is the first thing you do after you wake up, to get ready for your day at The Nature Place?

First thing in the morning, I listen to the birds in my backyard, then, check the weather.

Q17: What is the first thing you do when you get home after a day at camp?

When I get home from camp, I take off my boots, then get a large mug of iced herbal tea to drink.

Q17: As an Activity Leader, what is your favorite activity to lead?

At camp I have been activity leader in Chickens, Bunnies, Garden, Nature, Shelter Building, Games…and one year there was a mix-it-up week where activity leaders traded activities to lead…so, any activity outside works for me!

Q19: What is your favorite way to stay connected to The Nature Place in the off-season?

 “The Dirt”, text or email.

Q20: What was your favorite part of On Site Overnight?

My favorite part of the overnight was listening to the stories the camping department staff told during the camp fire.