8 Essentials for Parents: How to Fully Prepare for Summer Camp

June 1, 2023
8 essentials for parents to prepare for camp

With the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day Weekend behind us, our attention turns to the joy of the first day of camp. Being thorough in your preparation leads to a great summer at camp. Here is a checklist to prepare you and your camper for camp:

1: Read everything

It can be challenging to read long emails and even more so to read a 20-page parent handbook. It is critically important that you read everything that camp sends you. These documents are important policies, expectations of families and campers, and need-to-know details.  If you have questions, most of the time, the answer lies within.

2: Submit your forms early

Double-check that ALL your forms are submitted. Do not wait until the last minute to get them in, as some forms require doctors’ signatures that might take much longer to get signed than anyone can expect. Carefully decide if the non-required forms should be submitted. While it might be extra work to complete the OTC form, when your camper isn’t feeling well and you would like them to have children’s Tylenol, the camp cannot give any medication without the correct documentation.

3: Label everything

Ensure your camper’s full name is labeled or written on everything they will take to camp. Also, only pack items that will have minor consequences if they come home damaged or not at all.

4: Talk about camp

It’s important to talk with your campers about what the experience will be like at camp. It’s good to talk about all the fun, friends, and activities they will experience; it’s also important to manage expectations. There will be bug bites, humid days, and the proverbial bumps in the trail.

5: Shop early

Buy everything your camper needs for camp early. Camp clothes can be prewashed, hike boots are broken in, and swimsuits fit. Don’t add stress to the first day by running out the night before to buy a new water bottle. This way, you know it’s ready at home for the first day.

6: Pack favorite foods

Camp days are full of activities. Campers need plenty of energy to power them through the day. Ensure they have the nourishment they need by packing lunch and snacks you know they enjoy. There are other times to introduce a new food group lunch item.

7: Put camp in your phone

Save the camp’s phone number in your phone (and when you see it come up on caller id, please don’t immediately think the worst). Add the camp emails so they don’t go to junk.

8: Put all dates in your calendar

Put all the important camp dates into your calendar and set reminders so you are prepared well in advance. It is always good to know that your camper has a trip the next week so you can prepare.


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