Ed's Corner

Ed’s Corner

September 16, 2011
a group of people hiking

Nature is telling us – as is the calendar – that it’s time to let summer go and to open ourselves to autumn. As many of you know, we at The Nature Place are 4-season advocates of getting out into nature. I always remember my mother telling me as a child to “go out, the air is good for you!” I think that my mother’s advice played no little role in my chosen career path, although I think most mothers in the 50’s told their kids that. And they were right!

If you do get out into nature during this coming season, Hal Borland, former nature editorial writer for the New York Times, author and, I believe, poet, has the following advice:

“If the season calls for little journeys it is autumn. Summer, by habit and custom is our time for travel to far places, to know the exotic and the unfamiliar. Then come September and early autumn, and a whole new tempo. Then comes the time to travel afoot and know again the world just down the road or across the nearest hilltop.”