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Pine Swamp Mine Hike Directions

January 15, 2021

The hike to Pine Swamp Mine is a favorite of ours for its variety and uniqueness. In the heart of Harriman State Park, this hike features lakes, streams, swamps and an opportunity to visit an amazing abandoned mine! This a moderately challenging hike, approximately 45 minutes in and 30 minutes out.

Driving to the Trailhead

To get to the trailhead, take Seven Lakes Drive off of Route 17 North, just on the north side of Sloatsburg, NY. Follow Seven Lakes Drive to Kanawauke Circle, drive around the circle, and take the exit that has you staying on Seven Lakes Drive. After about 1 mile, you will find the Lake Skannatati parking area on the left – a large parking lot by the lake.

If you are coming from the Palisades Interstate Parkway, get off at exit 14. Go west on Route 98 (left if coming from the south, right if coming from the north). This will merge onto Route 106, which will take you to Kanawauke Circle. You can then follow the directions above.

Hiking Directions

The Trail Head is at the north end of the parking lot. You have two choices for your hike to Pine Swamp Mine, as it is a loop. We recommend starting out going to the left, onto the Long Path (aqua-colored markers).

You will hike along the beautiful lake, cross a stream, and then after 1.3 miles, you will come to an intersection. At this juncture, you will turn right and follow the Dunning Trail (yellow markers) which will lead you to Pine Swamp (about 3/4 of a mile). This is where it gets adventurous! On the opposite side of the trail from the swamp, you will need to look for the tailings from the old mine coming down the hillside. Use your powers of observation to see the difference in the terrain. Scramble up the hill, following the tailings to a plateau. Keep walking away from the lake, again using your powers of exploration and observation.

You will discover the entrance to the mine on your left, going into the hillside. It is a very large opening in the rocks. It is a great place to explore and you can carefully and safely climb all the way up till the excavation stops. It is an incredible outdoor cathedral! On the way back, you can complete the loop by continuing on the Dunning Trail (yellow) a little further, till you come to the Red Trail. Turn right and follow the Red Trail around Pine Swamp Mountain (always bearing right) walking a little more than a mile back to the parking lot.

Happy Exploring!


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