Ed’s Corner

Along a Familiar Path

I just got back into the office after a quick morning hike in Harriman Park on one of the trails I will be taking campers on this summer. Even though I know the Harriman trail system very well I still like to check the trails out before I take campers on them. Today’s hike was along the RD (Ramapo-Dunderberg) Trail, my absolute favorite and one where I know all the twists and turns, the best blueberry picking, snake dens, keep reading…

Ed’s Corner

What’s Goin’ On….?

Do you ever have a sense that you’re missing out on something, like Marvin Gaye in his soulful song of the same name? Five am bird song from the maple trees beside my house this morning also asked me the same question. Why am I not outside now (yes, at 5 am) listening to the world as it wakes up? It’s my world, too. And yours.

Maybe Spring fever is meant to give us that extra push to go outdoors and to participate in this world – not other, not parallel, but our – world. There are many keep reading…

Have you tried…Going Wild?

No, not really you but a small piece of your lawn. This is the time of year when the sound of the mower fills the suburban air. But hold back that mower for 5 minutes while you mark out a small section of your lawn that you designate will not be mowed this year at all! It can be as small as one square foot. It might be interesting to set aside 2 or 3 areas in different places in your lawn. Those skinny green garden stakes can ‘stake’ your claim.

Watch what happens in your growing mini-jungle throughout the next four seasons. Who will start living there? How tall will your grass grow? What happens at the top of it? Invite friends over for a mini-safari through your wild patch of Earth.

Tiny Tumbleweeds

… is how one parent on a breezy day described the yellowish, long worm-like things on his driveway that were being rolled around by the wind, joining with others to make bigger and bigger clumps. If you have noticed clumps or individuals of these ‘tiny tumbleweeds’ then there is a good chance there is an oak tree nearby. These are the male flowers (called catkins) of oak trees that have already given their pollen (something to sneeze at!) to the female oak flowers. The latter have not fallen for they, after being pollinated, are still attached up high on the oak, developing into the oak seeds we call acorns.



Garden Party

Sat. June 4th, 10am-Noon




Garden Party




Help us get our garden ready for the Summer!

Location: 307 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977


Farm and Garden Days: Spring Edition

Sat. May 21st, 10am-Noon



Our garden in Summer




Be part of the ‘verb’ time of year in our garden: greening, growing, sowing, transplanting, watering, nurturing, composting, flowering, weeding, buzzing. Come join Program Director Carol Avery and see, feel, smell and taste what’s happening in the garden during this busy time of year.

Location: 307 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977


Sharing Nature with Children

Sat. May 14th, 10am-Noon

For over 40 years Ed Bieber has been sharing nature with children of all ages in many types of environments. The phrase “Nature deficit disorder” has been popularized in recent years to describe children’s disconnection from nature and the repercussions of not spending time in the natural world. This morning, during a walk around camp, Ed will show parents (and their children) through demonstrations, conversation and examples how to nurture the parent/child relationship through exploring nature in our own backyards. Parents with child(ren) are welcome. Be prepared to get a bit dirty as we may be hugging trees, still-hunting, building rock sculptures, discovering Winter skeletons, painting with nature’s crayons, following an ant and ….

Please RSVP as enrollment for this workshop is limited.

Location: 307 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977


The Top 10 Reasons (wink, wink) to be at The Nature Place


10.  Everybody has to be someplace.
9.  The 3 administrators sound like a law firm:  Bieber, Bieber and Dunn
8.  To hear, once again, the old pun when talking about our beloved storyteller, “Do you know Chuck Stead?” “No, I didn’t know he was sick.”
7.  To discover why a camper or two each year go keep reading…