Ed’s Corner (simple ideas developing a sense of place)

Happy Autumn!

How lucky we are to live in a four-season place. When you receive this October issue of our newsletter the leaf colors should be almost at their peak. How I wish we could run our camp during each of the four seasons! Each offers unique outdoor exploration opportunities and, of course, our gardens and farm also take on different tempos and rhythms.

Fall leaf under the Fairy Stream bridge

Not so long ago in our country, when most people were tied to the land in some way, i.e. farms, families based their lives and their livelihoods on the changes that came with each season. Our internal rhythms were basically in tune with those earthly rhythms of the places where we lived. In various ways, we reflected our place and at the same time our place also reflected us. keep reading…

‘Fishing’ for Seeds

Ed ‘fishing’ for seeds

Fall is a time when many of our ‘weeds’ have made seeds so that there will be more of the same in the springtime. But what would happen if all the seeds on the mother plant fell down and grew in that exact same spot? Might get a little crowded, don’t ya think?

So, to leave home, some seeds have little wind-catchers, like the milkweed seed, so that the wind can ‘catch’ them and scatter them here and there. Some seeds, like those of poison ivy, are good to eat (if you’re a bird) so… hungry birds feast, fly and poop – and, da-da, the seeds drop out of them and are even surrounded by a little bit of fertilizer. Other seeds have hooks or some other kinds of physical catches to cling on to the fur of passing animals, the feathers of birds or the socks and pants of a human passing by. keep reading…

Remembering Summer 2011