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A Note from Ed

Thirty-three years ago I was approached by parents asking me to begin a summer program based not on sports or competition, awards, color war, pressured schedules, loudspeakers, etc., but instead one that was based on cooperation and each child’s inherent connection to nature.

Heading into summer 2018 we’re still running camp cooperatively (it’s now me along with my family: Daniel, Ayla, Scott, and more!) and nature’s still our middle name. Join us!

Who We Are

The Nature Place Day Camp is an ACA accreditednature-oriented and non-competitive summer day camp for children ages 4-16, located on 200 acres in Rockland County, New York. Campers come to us (we bus) from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Rockland, Westchester and Bergen counties.

Connecting to nature through outdoor play and hands-on experience is the heart of our camp. The nature of our camp is cooperative, rather than competitive: the games we play, the way we (campers, staff, administration) interact with one another, and the way we treat the earth.

From the Blog


Our cooking instructor, Eva Szigeti, takes stock of her lifestyle around food and cooking, and encourages us all to embrace simplicity… How we manage our time is an important factor in our daily lives. Re-evaluating my daily routines, I came to the conclusion that I have been spending way too much time with cooking and […]

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